64-bit Hotfix 4 (30JUN’18)

The 757 Captain III Base Pack 64-bit Hotfix 4 is available which includes Hotfix 3 and the following enhancements:

– ‘Load default panel state’ ON selection.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– Yaw damper switch INOP until the IRU’s are aligned.
– CRT power source.
– Engines shutdown at aircraft reload.
– Parking Brake, Radio, Transponder values for Cold And Dark panel state.

– ADI and HSI frames size and shape.

How can I get the Hotfix 4?
1. Make sure the 757 Captain III Base Pack 1.1 is installed.
2. Download the Hotfix 4 to any folder on your computer.
3. Make sure P3D4 is not running.
4. Double click the downloaded csy572_1104.exe file to install the Hotfix 4.

If you get an antivirus alert please read this.