717 Changelog

1.100 2024-JAN-27
– Autopilot improved
– Autopilot fixed and improved
– Flight dynamics improved
– FMA made from scratch
– PFD improved
– ND improved
– ND route appearance improved
– HDG/TRK improved
– Flaps and slats indication fixed
– APU start when engines running fixed
– CDU: acceleration and thrust reduction altitude fixed
– Throttle Max Thrust fixed
– Doors opened in flight fixed
– Fuel consumption improved
– Flight deck textures minor fixes
– SIM RATE indication on ANIMATION screen added

1.006 2023-DEC-21
– flight dynamics improved
– fuel consumption improved

1.005 2023-NOV-25
– FMC Route altitude constraint fixed
– FMC Destination change fixed
– Throttle animation fixed
– Fuel On Board indication fixed

1.004 2023-NOV-23
– Fuel flow fixed
– Flight model characteristics improved
– Speed calculation improved
– CDU button backlighting added
– APU start fixed
– APU indication on engine screen added
– APU exhaust jet added
– APU “Generator Off” message fixed
– Switching to engine screen when APU is started added
– PFD ILS indicator, altimeter indicator and baro pressure fixed
– Flaps indication fixed
– Hydraulic system indication fixed
– Electrical system “EXTERNAL IN-USE” lights fixed

1.003 2023-OCT-23
– Electrical power of the panel light fixed
– Rudder fixed when Cold and Dark
– IRS-Lights “NAV OFF” fixed
– Light orbs near the tail removed
– Capt and F/O source input select panels fixed
– Tooltips fixed
– ACE – “layout.json fix” button added

1.002 2023-OCT-20
Transponder, Mode C
Wing textures missing
Exits, engine hoods and ladder in flight

1.001 2023-OCT-12
– Jetway has been aligned
– MFD power fixed
– Stabilizer movement fixed
– The stabilizer trim disconnect switch fixed
– Crosswind takeoff and landing fixed
– Service door opening fixed
– Animation panel improved
– External cameras adjusted
– Rear cargo door opens separate
– Battery hotkey synchronized with animation
– Yoke shown by default
– Interactive points adjusted (Catering, Baggage, Power and Fuel Supply Services)