1011 Updates history/change log

VERSION 1.1 (18JUN’20)
New features:
– Installer and fx lights for P3D5.
– Wheel Well and Wing lights added.
– Thrust lever/Throttle not showing percent of thrust in tooltip when mouse-over.
– Yaw dumper blocking rudder.
– Can apply park brake with completely depressurized hydraulic system.
– A/P Mach tracking improved.
– Lights fx improved.
– Engine spool up time improved.
– Cargo doors animation timing and sound improved.

VERSION 1.003 (14OCT’19)
– Cold and dark state has flaps down
– A/L APR GS Modes
– CIVA Pages
– VC pressing Nav-light button not changing variable LIGHT NAV
– VC pressing Beacon-light button not changing variable LIGHT BEACON
– Flaps transition sound stuck
– Panel State: external/GPU power
– Flaps Lever Position

VERSION 1.001 (13AUG’19)
New features:
– Panel States mangement added to the sim menu
– Payload Manger shortcut added to the sim menu
– Battery Switch in the OFF position on the first load
– Flood lights
– Backlights