737 Classic Change log

VERSION 1.007 (14JUL’21)
– APU Fuel fixed
– Autobrake fixed
– Landing pitch too high fixed
– Rudder on the localizer fixed
– The horizontal stabilizer trimmer fixed
– Paint kit issue fixed
– Slats and flaps extension fixed
– V/S window blank on 2D fixed

VERSION 1.006 (09JUL’21)
– Flight directors fixed
– Joystick pop-up panel fixed
– Reverse thrust fixed
– Landing pitch fixed
– DME shows wrong distance fixed
– Takeoff configuration warning fixed

VERSION 1.004 (02JUL’21)
– Switches have different sounds fixed
– No lights visible right side airplane fixed
– Master Caution Logic improved
– FLT CTL switches on OFF cause HYD LOW PRESSURE fixed
– ACE improved

VERSION 1.0 (12JUN’21)
– V1, V2, 80kt and Rotate callouts added
– Squawk code fixed
– Window overheat fixed
– CRZ page showing arrival fuel in LBS fixed
– Master Caution Logic fixed
– Master Caution FUEL fixed
– System Annuciator logic fixed
– Engine Assumed Temperature fixed
– Toggle master battery fixed (SDK)
– GND Call Sound fixed
– Cockpit info fixed
– Gap in the wing fixed
– Night texture tail shading fixed
– ACE: No Online connection fixed

VERSION 0.302 (14APR’21)
– Parking brake handle sound added
– No DEP/ARR – improved
– Fuel gauge misread fixed
– Fuel Used and Reset fixed
– Entering wind information causes CTD fixed
– Radios randomly tuning to 118.000 fixed
– TCAS test without electrical power fixed
– Engine oil temperature fixed

VERSION 0.301 (06APR’21)
– No APP or DEP after filling the flight plan fixed
– Gear indication fixed
– Autobrakes don’t disconnect fixed
– Winglets missing fixed
– Fuel gauge misread fixed
– Cold and Dark state load improved
– Very big digital numbers on radios and mcp fixed
– Idle N1 ground roll improved