757 Updates history/change log

VERSION 1.5 (16DEC’19)
Products: Entire 757 family for P3D4 and FSX.
New features:
– TA/RA mode C activation for flying online added. FSUIPC required.
– SPD RESTR entry in the VNAV DES page
– Forecast page manually entered altitude display
– Waypoint VECTORS
– Switch from VNAV to FLCH Mode
– ACE LL Intensity button
– Minor texture issue
– FMC wind calculation
– Initial systems initialization
– VNAV Climb calculation
– HOLD fuel/time calculation
– Trim settings for take-off
– Rotary knobs users settings

VERSION 1.404 (07JUN’19)
– VNAV climb mode EPR drop.
– ACE LL Intensity selection.
– Minor installer fixes.

VERSION 1.4 (31MAY’19)
New features:
– Adjustable acceleration and rotation speed of rotary knobs (VOR/DME, MCP etc).
– APU shut down cooldown cycle.
– EICAS advisory message that the CTR Fuel Tanks are empty.
– Before engine start, Center 2 Electric Hydraulic Pump should automatically load shed.
– Oil pressure turned red after engine shut down on the ground.
– Utility Buses do not load shed during engine start. Utility Buses do not load shed if thrust levers are moved while on the ground and the engines are not running.
– EPR remains illuminated on MCP after takeoff and VNAV has been selected.
– FMS CDU DSPY light lights up red but should light up white.
– Abeam points (WID01/BUB02/WIL03) display.
– On REF page, ILS course displays as only two digits but should be three.
– ALIGN lights on IRS panel don’t illuminate long enough after IRS switches moved to OFF. They should illuminate for about 20 seconds while the gyros begin to spin down.
– Fuel Config light on overhead panel should be illuminated while on the ground with the Center Fuel Pumps on and both engines shut down.
– Terrain displays on ND with IRS not aligned.
– Spar Valve extinguished before engine valve.
– Fuel panel on the overhead remains on after the aircraft has been completely powered down.
– TAKEOFF REF page 2/2 REF OAT negative temprature entry is one degree C higher than entered.
– In PLAN mode the STEP prompt is missing on the LEGS page when in use on the right FMC.
– TERR RANGE DISAGREE message with left and right ND set to different zoom levels.
– When doing any changes on the MCP that affect the A/T mode the MCP speed is matched to the actual airspeed.
– Pressing the MCP speed knob while in VNAV PTH should activate VNAV SPD mode.
– Changing the fuel to 14.0 tons the Payload automatically decreases to 19.6 tons.
– The red beacon light is flashing inside the virtual cockpit.
– VC viewpoints and lights position corrected.

VERSION 1.303 (14FEB’19)
New features:
– –°ompatibility with the 757-300 Expansion.
– ACE displays a total number of free liveries available online and a number for each selected aircraft type.

VERSION 1.302 (30JAN’19)
New features:
– New exterior model materials.
– TrueGlass rain effects.
– Integrated GPU.
– Removable VC yokes.
– Number of wheel chocks.
– 4-door variants: door 3L-R animation.
New features:
– Flight deck VC for -SF variants.**
– 3 courier seats for -SF exterior models.**
– Safety net animation control for better third party vehicles compatibility.
– GPU position updated for better third party vehicles compatibility.
– SELCAL and CALL panels updated according to Freighter specs.
– Logo lights.
– DON OXYGEN MASK switch chime removed.
** – N/A for the 757 Freighter Essential.
New features:
– New exterior model materials.
– TrueGlass rain effects.
– Integrated GPU.
– Removable VC yokes.
– Number of wheel chocks.
– 4-door variants: door 3L-R animation.

VERSION 1.301 (18JAN’19)
New features:
– –°ompatibility with 757 Freighter Expansion.
– APU sound for exterior views.
– Landing and taxi lights LOW settings (ACE).
– “On APU” panel state issues.
– The flap and minimum maneuver speeds indication on the speed tape.
– Missing ACT ECON CRZ “EPR Display” LSK 3L.
– POS REF Page RNP/ANP manual input RNP.
– The ‘FAST/SLOW’ square on the original EADI.
– The CDU CLR key deletes one character from any text that was in the Scratchpad earlier.

VERSION 1.3 (22DEC’18)
New features:
– Full P3D 4.4 compatibility (P3D4 only)
– F/O CDU scratchpad messages.
– VC lighting (P3D4 only)
– EPR.
– VC cameras setup.
– EADI speedtape stall warning/indication.
– INTC CRS waypoint intercept course creation.
– TCAS lateral distance limits.
– ACE.
– Overal performance.
– A/T speed reducing.
– DME for non-VOR/ILS stations.

– Pause at TOD OFF changes activation.
– INTC CRS waypoint intercept course creation.
– ABEAM PTS calculation.
– RTE page #2.
– MCP FL change priority over FMC.
– A few issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– Marker sound.
– Cargo doors control from 2D panel.
– Engine Start selector sound.
– Panel states management.
– ACE.
– V-speed callouts playback timing.
– Engine start EGT and oil pressure profiles.
– Engine start timing.

– VNAV descend PTH to SPD switch and the A/T response to the switch.
– VNAV descend SPD-TRANS.
– VNAV descend SPD-RESTR.
– VNAV speed/Mach mismatch.
– The engine startup sound stutter.
– FMC “invalid entry” message for flaps 1.
– Engine ratings on the CDU info page.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– SID duplicate fixes entry.
– The reverse sleeve animation.
– The yoke column height.
New features:
– All-new P3D native EGPWS Terrain.
– The cockpit states real-time management via FMC.
– Company routes management via FMC.
– The 4-door configuration model (including the escape slides).
– An option to turn off the F/O’s CDU, ADI, HSI displays.
– ZFW on the Payload Page auto-update.
– An option to select less intense landing lights FX.
– Forward access door animation.
– E/E access door animation.
– External power hatch animation.
– Overflow valve animation.
– The main exit set to D2L.
– Separate selcall audio files for user customization.
– 80 knots, V1, Rotate, V2 callouts.
– Clickable VC CDU to call the 2D CDU panel.
– Brand new ACE.
– Engine auto-start option (Ctrl+E).
– An option to select the new Scimitar winglets.
– Options to select Intercept CRS or Abeam pts function in MOD RTE 1 LEGS page
– 2D ADI and HSI simicons.
– HSI readability.
– The roll MOI.
– The yoke shape.

VERSION 1.004 (30JUN’18)
– ‘Load default panel state’ ON selection.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– Yaw damper switch INOP until the IRU’s are aligned.
– CRT power source.
– Engines shutdown at aircraft reload.
– Parking Brake, Radio, Transponder values for Cold And Dark panel state.
– ADI and HSI frames size and shape.

VERSION 1.003 (09JUN’18)
– Aircraft shaking on the ground.
– VNAV jetway waypoints speed/altitude assignment.
– Takeoff/CLB EPR decreasing.
– Panel State saving of COMM, ADF, XPNDR, Parking Brake position/values.
– Captain’s viewpoint.
– The Engine Start Selector, YD, Emergency lights switches positions for Cold And Dark panel state.
– Scratchpad BASIC STATES filename overwriting.
New features:
– P3D4.1 backward compatibility.
– Default panel state option.

VERSION 1.002 (03FEB’18)
– ZFW and CG management via FMC is added.
– Fuel management via FMC is added.
– Payload management via FMC is added.
– Pushback control via FMC is added.
– Jetway control via FMC is added.
– A separate tiller axis is added.
– 40+ cockpit controls sounds are added.
– Window wipers sound is added.
– CDU pop-ups are added.
– The A/P disconnect sound is added.
– PAX cabin on/off selection is added.
– Fuel Flow is corrected.
– VNAV speed/alt restrictions are fixed.
– VNAV is improved.
– Cost Index calculation is improved.
– CI/Mach Number calculation is improved.
– Cockpit sounds are improved.
– The F/D bars readability is improved.
– Seat belt chime volume is increased.
– The Captain’s seat view is re-mapped to F9 hotkey.
– The Egg Timer ring is fixed.
– The Manual is updated.

VERSION 1.001 (17JAN’18)
– The engines startup spool up is improved.
– CTD at FMC STAR execution is fixed.
– The F/D TO mode pitch bar nose up position is fixed.
– ADI displays readability is improved.
– FMC target Mach and actual Mach discrepancy is addressed.
– P3D4 flight plan .pln files loading into FMC is fixed.
– Battery discharge while on APU GEN is fixed.
– The EICAS displays minor fixes.
– Night lighting of the overhead lights switches is improved.