757 Updates history/change log

VERSION 1.7 (20OCT’20)
New features:
– The intaller does not overwrite a newer NAVDATA cycle, if applicable.
– C2 shedding: the PRESS light should be illuminated when no engines are on once all 4 ELEC pumps are on.
– Flaps inop as soon as the engines are OFF.
– ALTN Flaps elec motor doesn’t work.
– It would be great so see the control columns move when on autopilot.
– VNAV descent above FL100 always results in speed dropping over 15 knots from commanded speed and THRUST REQUIRED message.
– Attempting to disconnect Auto Throttle during cruise using the thrust lever button. Autothrottle remains engaged, and SPD mode re-annunciates on the FMA.
– Autopilot warning and yellow line through GS FMA in last 20 feet of landing.

VERSION 1.6 (05OCT’20)
Products: Entire 757 family for P3D4/5 and FSX.
New features:
– P3D5 support.
– GlaCS (glass rain effects).
– CRT displays definition and refresh rate settings added to ACE.
– CDU Cargo and PAX configuration.
– New crew oxygen equipment sets with test function.
– Throttle quadrant shape (no cabin VC only).
– The FD at TO should give guidance for an 8 degree pitch up. Immediately after TO, it then gives guidance for a speed of V2+15 to V2+25.
– VNAV separated from A/T.
– HOLD altitude below transition level.
– FMC version info page MENU > SETUP > page 2.
– P3D4 Autoland flight resaved.
– Corrupted symbols when load saved flight.
– If I enter my wind data in the FMC in the CRZ, it works first, but from this moment on the displays on the PROG and LEGS RTE DATA page start to spin.
– Utility Buses do not load shed during engine start.
– HSI VECTORS waypoint draw.
– T/C and T/D calculation.
– Fuel flow on current leg calculation.
– Freighter weights.
– EPR switch light should not go off at 80kts.
– OIL TEMP yellow values.
– RR the commanded EPR and actual EPR are not aligned after engine stablized.
– On APU state has flaps at 10.
– Reserve Brakes switch labeling.
– Cabin door opens in flight deck only models.
– The actual fuel fuel is being displayed in pounds while the fuel weight was changed to KG via CDU Menu (KG is correctly displayed on the overhead panel).
– Aircraft vertical speed far exceeds -1250fpm during a cruise descent.
– Engine N2 over speed and HI-STAGE.
– RB211-535E4 idles much higher than the E4B.
– EPR calculation.
– Lights fx.
– Winglet strobe lights position.
– ACE.

VERSION 1.5 (16DEC’19)
Products: Entire 757 family for P3D4 and FSX.
New features:
– TA/RA mode C activation for flying online added. FSUIPC required.
– SPD RESTR entry in the VNAV DES page
– Forecast page manually entered altitude display
– Waypoint VECTORS
– Switch from VNAV to FLCH Mode
– ACE LL Intensity button
– Minor texture issue
– FMC wind calculation
– Initial systems initialization
– VNAV Climb calculation
– HOLD fuel/time calculation
– Trim settings for take-off
– Rotary knobs users settings

VERSION 1.404 (07JUN’19)
– VNAV climb mode EPR drop.
– ACE LL Intensity selection.
– Minor installer fixes.

VERSION 1.4 (31MAY’19)
New features:
– Adjustable acceleration and rotation speed of rotary knobs (VOR/DME, MCP etc).
– APU shut down cooldown cycle.
– EICAS advisory message that the CTR Fuel Tanks are empty.
– Before engine start, Center 2 Electric Hydraulic Pump should automatically load shed.
– Oil pressure turned red after engine shut down on the ground.
– Utility Buses do not load shed during engine start. Utility Buses do not load shed if thrust levers are moved while on the ground and the engines are not running.
– EPR remains illuminated on MCP after takeoff and VNAV has been selected.
– FMS CDU DSPY light lights up red but should light up white.
– Abeam points (WID01/BUB02/WIL03) display.
– On REF page, ILS course displays as only two digits but should be three.
– ALIGN lights on IRS panel don’t illuminate long enough after IRS switches moved to OFF. They should illuminate for about 20 seconds while the gyros begin to spin down.
– Fuel Config light on overhead panel should be illuminated while on the ground with the Center Fuel Pumps on and both engines shut down.
– Terrain displays on ND with IRS not aligned.
– Spar Valve extinguished before engine valve.
– Fuel panel on the overhead remains on after the aircraft has been completely powered down.
– TAKEOFF REF page 2/2 REF OAT negative temprature entry is one degree C higher than entered.
– In PLAN mode the STEP prompt is missing on the LEGS page when in use on the right FMC.
– TERR RANGE DISAGREE message with left and right ND set to different zoom levels.
– When doing any changes on the MCP that affect the A/T mode the MCP speed is matched to the actual airspeed.
– Pressing the MCP speed knob while in VNAV PTH should activate VNAV SPD mode.
– Changing the fuel to 14.0 tons the Payload automatically decreases to 19.6 tons.
– The red beacon light is flashing inside the virtual cockpit.
– VC viewpoints and lights position corrected.

VERSION 1.303 (14FEB’19)
New features:
– –°ompatibility with the 757-300 Expansion.
– ACE displays a total number of free liveries available online and a number for each selected aircraft type.

VERSION 1.302 (30JAN’19)
New features:
– New exterior model materials.
– TrueGlass rain effects.
– Integrated GPU.
– Removable VC yokes.
– Number of wheel chocks.
– 4-door variants: door 3L-R animation.
New features:
– Flight deck VC for -SF variants.**
– 3 courier seats for -SF exterior models.**
– Safety net animation control for better third party vehicles compatibility.
– GPU position updated for better third party vehicles compatibility.
– SELCAL and CALL panels updated according to Freighter specs.
– Logo lights.
– DON OXYGEN MASK switch chime removed.
** – N/A for the 757 Freighter Essential.
New features:
– New exterior model materials.
– TrueGlass rain effects.
– Integrated GPU.
– Removable VC yokes.
– Number of wheel chocks.
– 4-door variants: door 3L-R animation.

VERSION 1.301 (18JAN’19)
New features:
– –°ompatibility with 757 Freighter Expansion.
– APU sound for exterior views.
– Landing and taxi lights LOW settings (ACE).
– “On APU” panel state issues.
– The flap and minimum maneuver speeds indication on the speed tape.
– Missing ACT ECON CRZ “EPR Display” LSK 3L.
– POS REF Page RNP/ANP manual input RNP.
– The ‘FAST/SLOW’ square on the original EADI.
– The CDU CLR key deletes one character from any text that was in the Scratchpad earlier.

VERSION 1.3 (22DEC’18)
New features:
– Full P3D 4.4 compatibility (P3D4 only)
– F/O CDU scratchpad messages.
– VC lighting (P3D4 only)
– EPR.
– VC cameras setup.
– EADI speedtape stall warning/indication.
– INTC CRS waypoint intercept course creation.
– TCAS lateral distance limits.
– ACE.
– Overal performance.
– A/T speed reducing.
– DME for non-VOR/ILS stations.

– Pause at TOD OFF changes activation.
– INTC CRS waypoint intercept course creation.
– ABEAM PTS calculation.
– RTE page #2.
– MCP FL change priority over FMC.
– A few issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– Marker sound.
– Cargo doors control from 2D panel.
– Engine Start selector sound.
– Panel states management.
– ACE.
– V-speed callouts playback timing.
– Engine start EGT and oil pressure profiles.
– Engine start timing.

– VNAV descend PTH to SPD switch and the A/T response to the switch.
– VNAV descend SPD-TRANS.
– VNAV descend SPD-RESTR.
– VNAV speed/Mach mismatch.
– The engine startup sound stutter.
– FMC “invalid entry” message for flaps 1.
– Engine ratings on the CDU info page.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– SID duplicate fixes entry.
– The reverse sleeve animation.
– The yoke column height.
New features:
– All-new P3D native EGPWS Terrain.
– The cockpit states real-time management via FMC.
– Company routes management via FMC.
– The 4-door configuration model (including the escape slides).
– An option to turn off the F/O’s CDU, ADI, HSI displays.
– ZFW on the Payload Page auto-update.
– An option to select less intense landing lights FX.
– Forward access door animation.
– E/E access door animation.
– External power hatch animation.
– Overflow valve animation.
– The main exit set to D2L.
– Separate selcall audio files for user customization.
– 80 knots, V1, Rotate, V2 callouts.
– Clickable VC CDU to call the 2D CDU panel.
– Brand new ACE.
– Engine auto-start option (Ctrl+E).
– An option to select the new Scimitar winglets.
– Options to select Intercept CRS or Abeam pts function in MOD RTE 1 LEGS page
– 2D ADI and HSI simicons.
– HSI readability.
– The roll MOI.
– The yoke shape.

VERSION 1.004 (30JUN’18)
– ‘Load default panel state’ ON selection.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– Yaw damper switch INOP until the IRU’s are aligned.
– CRT power source.
– Engines shutdown at aircraft reload.
– Parking Brake, Radio, Transponder values for Cold And Dark panel state.
– ADI and HSI frames size and shape.

VERSION 1.003 (09JUN’18)
– Aircraft shaking on the ground.
– VNAV jetway waypoints speed/altitude assignment.
– Takeoff/CLB EPR decreasing.
– Panel State saving of COMM, ADF, XPNDR, Parking Brake position/values.
– Captain’s viewpoint.
– The Engine Start Selector, YD, Emergency lights switches positions for Cold And Dark panel state.
– Scratchpad BASIC STATES filename overwriting.
New features:
– P3D4.1 backward compatibility.
– Default panel state option.

VERSION 1.002 (03FEB’18)
– ZFW and CG management via FMC is added.
– Fuel management via FMC is added.
– Payload management via FMC is added.
– Pushback control via FMC is added.
– Jetway control via FMC is added.
– A separate tiller axis is added.
– 40+ cockpit controls sounds are added.
– Window wipers sound is added.
– CDU pop-ups are added.
– The A/P disconnect sound is added.
– PAX cabin on/off selection is added.
– Fuel Flow is corrected.
– VNAV speed/alt restrictions are fixed.
– VNAV is improved.
– Cost Index calculation is improved.
– CI/Mach Number calculation is improved.
– Cockpit sounds are improved.
– The F/D bars readability is improved.
– Seat belt chime volume is increased.
– The Captain’s seat view is re-mapped to F9 hotkey.
– The Egg Timer ring is fixed.
– The Manual is updated.

VERSION 1.001 (17JAN’18)
– The engines startup spool up is improved.
– CTD at FMC STAR execution is fixed.
– The F/D TO mode pitch bar nose up position is fixed.
– ADI displays readability is improved.
– FMC target Mach and actual Mach discrepancy is addressed.
– P3D4 flight plan .pln files loading into FMC is fixed.
– Battery discharge while on APU GEN is fixed.
– The EICAS displays minor fixes.
– Night lighting of the overhead lights switches is improved.