777F III Changelog

1.013 20AUG2021
– Cockpit flood lights fixed.

1.012 08AUG2021
New features:
– Wet runway new effects added.
– Reverser animation.
– VC artifacts in exterior view minimized.
– Entry door animation improved.
The following SU5 update compatibility issues addressed:
– “HUD” instruments SU5 compatibility.
– Warning/Caution light constantly on.
– Radar range knob cursor.
– Radar mode knob (app, vor, map, pln) cursor.
– Yoke chart clip.
– Autobrake does not function and is stuck in RTO.
– Gen control OFF lights are constantly illuminated.
– All external power lights (ON and AVAIL) are constantly illuminated.
– APU Gen ON and OFF lights are constantly illuminated.
– APU Gen button now acts a 3-way switch rather than a button.
– Window heat INOP Lights constantly illuminated.
– Wiper knobs not working
– L and R engine anti ice knobs now act as single click buttons, and only go
between off and on.
– L and R engine bleed air buttons are inoperable.
– Cabin lights controls and tooltops.