767 Change log

New features:
– 767-300CF (Converted Freighter) with GE CF6-80C2 engines exterior model added.
– Winglets option added for all airframes.
– Optional equipment control added for all airframes.
– Simplified exterior model selection added for all airframes.

– CF6 engine start time improved
– CF6 engine exhaust gas temperature fixed
– CF6 engine Manual EPR Knob fixed
– CF6 engine EICAS improved
– ACE fixed improved

– FMC SPD RESTR crash fixed
– Engine #2 EGT fixed

VERSION 1.002 (27JUL’21)
– 767-3CF compatibility added.

VERSION 1.001 (23JUL’21)
– 767-3GE compatibility added.

VERSION 1.0 (28AUG’20)
New features:
– Brand-new engine and wing flex.
– When doing an Instrument Approach using VNAV, 2nm from the FAF we set the MDA or DA on the MCP, select or verify VNAV is engaged on VNAV pth (FMC on approach mode is active). Once the airplane pases the FAF and is at least 300ft below missed approach altitude, we select the Missed APP altitude on the MCP, CS767 is reverting to ALT hold and is not allowing the airplane to re engage VNAV.
– FMC is not engagin On approach mode, meaning VNAV pth only even when speed intervention, airplane should remaint in VNAV pth when de following conditions are met.
– EGPWS improved.
– Route calculation improved.
– I start from C&D or from APU on, I get an A/T warning light come on once the engines are started.
– FD command TO/TO once airplane is airborne, has to give you enough pitch to maintain V2+15/V2+15 with both engines or V2/V2+15 OEI, until pitch mode is engaged, CS 767 is giving nose down FD order.
– VNAV SPD/PTH Errors.
– Insufficient decel logic in VNAV mode (CI of 111 and speed restrictions not complied with). Descent rate is kept to follow VNAV path when it *should* follow speed restrictions and prompt “DRAG REQUIRED” if not able to maintain speed+descent profile.
– VNAV SPD issue. Doing a descend on path with the FMA on IDDLe VNAV PTH, ATC ask’s for speed reduction, when selecting speed intervention to reduce to 250, the airplane does not change the current attitude to pitch for airspeed, it keeps flying the path.
– The aircraft descends at 3000fpm during a CRZ DES of 2000ft between FL360 and FL340, 94nm before the original T/D.
This greatly exceeds the quoted 1250fpm approximate descent rate.
– ON APU Panel state issues.
– Floating.
– Cost index calculation improved.
– VNAV activated on the ground.
– When I attempt to change the refresh rate, using the 767 ACE, this error comes up.
– VNAV CLB – altitude prediction calculation improved.
– I’m flying PHOG-KSEA. Estimated fuel remaining at ZINNO and KSEA is off unless our fuel economy is 2,476nm per 1,000lbs. of fuel.
– Selecting a STAR improved.
– VNAV THR light button on the MCP doesn’t stay on until VNAV is engaged.
– When flying Direct to any waypoint and selecting abeams, the FMC selects any abeam waypoints for the route and distance and ETA goes crazy.
– A wee bug in the speed / flap readout on the ADI. During climb out with 15 degrees flap still selected as the speed increases to around 197 knots the FLAP LIM illuminates on the ADI. This is not correct since the flap limit airspeed for flaps 15 is 210 knots.
– Pilot defined waypoints are created as PBD, PB/PB: got an invalid entry message NOT IN DATABASE.
– VNAV. The FMC gives a climb speed of say 310/.786 At about FL290 when M.786 is reached, the speed just keeps increasing and only at about M0.81 does the pitch go up to get the speed back to M0.786. There is somewhat of a delay in the AP response in pitch.
– CTD on some computers.
– TRANS and RESTS points.
– RTE Page LSK_R* selection.
– If we could just stop it from automatically inserting a runway selection into the MCDU when choosing a STAR with no selected runway.

VERSION 0.99 (09JUL’20)
New features:
– Airplane casting shadow in virtual cockpit views.
– P3D5 DirectX 12 support including GlaCS rain effect.
– Yoke checklist sliders animation.
– Mouse control added to 2D HSI pop-ups: right click switches between MAP and PLANE Mode; wheel Up/Down controls Range Selector.
– The autopilot doesn’t move the yoke.
– FMC: the first waypoint is always missing on an approach if you choose a transition.
– APU Cooldown/Shutdown procedure.
– The TAI annunciation should appear above the EICAS N1 indication when an engine anti ice valve is open.
– The timing of the landing gear animation is off. The doors should open before the gear starts moving. Main gear doors, then nose door, followed by all the gear retracting at the same time.
– VNAV cruise page showing an IAS instead of Mach.
– Predicted Distance to ETA or Altitude (PRED ETA-ALT) isn’t working.
– When doing a Go-around when trying to select CLB thrust at 1000ft on the TMSP in does not change to CLB it reamains on GA.
– VNAV DES NOW violation of altitude restrictions on the way down.
– When using assumed temperature, it only starts reducing the EPR reference value when reaching a selected temperature of +30C.
– P3D5 4+4-door pax glass textures improved.
– Drawing of the transition and restriction points on the HSI improved.
– Throttles out of sync issue fixed.
– Lights fx updated to P3D5 HF2 changes.
– FMC FIX page #2 fixed.
– Autopilot speed limit modes fixed.

VERSION 0.98 (19JUN’20)
New features:
– 4+4-door configuration exterior models.
– 4+4-door repaint kit.
– Animated gear doors on the top of the wing.
– Simplified exterior models option for low end computers.
– Optional nose probes.
– ACE updated.
– When performing a cruise climb, the higher MCP altitude is copied into the scratchpad correctly, but on cruise descent, the lower MCP altitude is not copied at all.
– Fuel Flow on the lower engine display is always shown in LBS, even with KG selected in the FMC Menu.
– CTD on some computes.
– Right strobe light for non-winglet variant.
– Nose gear torsion links position.
– Fuel cutoff switches RICH option removed.
– White nav lighs ground reflection.
– Manual updated.

VERSION 0.97 (09JUN’20)
New features:
– Throttle quadrant box from scratch.
– Rapid Speed Increase in VNAV Descent.
– EPR instead of THR on 2D MCP panel.
– CDU/PC KEYBOARD MAPPING on page 12 of the Manual part 2F is missing.
– At ToD it started descending for around 2,000 feet, then after a few miles it stopped again. Suddenly the FMC VNAV page claimed the plane is 1,500 feet too low and the Top of Descent moved again. It started descending again a few miles later.
– After starting my descent, passing ENO, the magenta indicator for “too high” or “too low” on vnav path kept jumping around every second.
– When staying in MAP mode during a flight, if theEFIS mode is changed to PLAN, the route disappears from the navigation display until the LEGS button is pressed on the FMC.
– I copy the Flap 25 landing speed on the APPR page which is shown as 125kt. When clicking the LSK next to the speed the scratchpad shows 25/126 (1kt more).
– Improved strobe lights fx P3D4/5.
– Improved turn lights fx P3D5.
– Improved flood lights fx P3D5.
– Plugged windows texture.
– The gear extension/ops speeds.
– APU air inlet inside texture missing.
– Missing strobe lights on winglet variants.

VERSION 0.96 (22MAY’20)
New features:
– Installer, PBR, fx lights for P3D5.
– Inboard ailerons retract 5 degrees when the trailing edge flaps are BEYOND 25 degrees, not at 25 degrees.
– Inboard aileron droop begins at 5 degrees, not 15.
– The indication doesn’t move from Vref30+80 to Vref30+60 when Flaps 1 are extended.
– FMC fuel used is recorded incorrectly.
– ACE improved.
– The engines spool down timing improved.

VERSION 0.95 (13MAY’20)
New features:
Wireless CDU support.
– CRT displays refresh rate easy setup via ACE.
– FMC 250/10000 speed restriction during cruise phase.
– AUTOPILOT annunciation with light, EICAS message and master caution whilst landing in MCP APP mode with the autopilot disconnected.
– The speed tape flaps 1 flap bug settings.
– The yellow maximum maneuvering speed tape should not pass current air speed in the initial climbout.
– GROSS WT and SPEED display on INIT REF and APPROACH REF pages.
– FMC random payload.
– The inboard ailerons retract to 5 at all flap settings between 25 and 30.
– Pump C2 supposed to stay off during the first engine start.
– Slats position animation improved.
– Taxi/landing lights intensity reduced.
– Daytime red/green navlights improved.
– Homepit EICAS refreshing issue.
– Extra conditions for spoilers 4,5,8,9 added.
– Reverse Thrust defaul P3D axis mapping.

VERSION 0.94 (06MAY’20)
New features:
– Beyond flaps 25 inboard flaperons will retract by half to reduce drag.
– Outboard high-speed aileron, spoilers #4,5,8,9 and roll spoilers lockout according to the following schedule:
    S.L. to 10,000 ft = 275 +/- 5 kts
    10,000 ft to 18,000 ft = M0.50 +/- M0.02
    18,000 ft to 27,000 ft = 235 +/- 5 kts
    27,000 ft to ceiling = m 0.58 + 0.02

– Spoilers #4-9 will never act as in-flight speed brakes.
– Flaperons position indicator on EICAS.
– Flaperons and elevator droop with the aircraft on the ground and no hydraulic pressure.
– FMC: native .rt route support.
– Flaps position/animation improved.
– Landing gear shock strut compression which corrected airplane height.
– THR light button on the MCP doesn’t stay on until VNAV is engaged.
– FMC PAX and cargo configuration issue when the units set to KG.
– Missing ‘remove before flight’ texture.
– ‘RAT unlocked’ after a scenario/vechicle reload.
– GA thrust mode annunciation should remain in CRZ until flaps come out of the UP position.
– Cargo doors animation timing improved.
– The left electric demand pump is inhibited on the ground during engine start of either engine, when only one electrical generator is operating. The left demand pump PRESS and SYS PRESS lights may illuminate when starting engines on the ground.
– Hydraulic pressure for operation of the left and right engine thrust reversers comes from the left and right hydraulic systems respectively. Loss of either hydraulic system renders the associated thrust reverser inoperative.

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